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Authentic Smok Koopor Plus 200W TC Box Mod

Koopor, a new brand under SMOK, recently took the market by storm with the Koopor Mini, a compact box mod which exceeded the expectations of many.

The Koopor Plus features Koopor's Dual Driver System. Unlike most other devices in its price range, the Koopor Plus can both buck and boost output voltage, allowing for accurate power delivery across a wide range of coil resistances.

Koopor's new High-Frequency Dynamic Monitoring Resistance Technology, known as HFDMR, allows the Koopor Plus to detect changes in atomizer resistance once every 250 microseconds, over 1000 times faster than the human eye can blink. This advanced technology enables accurate temperature control, allowing for a flavorful vape without dry hits, and is compatible with ni200, Ti and SS.

The device is powered by dual 18650 batteries, which are easily swapped by sliding off the battery cover held snugly in place by four powerful magnets.

A bright OLED display presents all necessary information to the user in an easy to read and attractive manner.

The Koopor Plus also features a wide variety of safety protections, guarding the user from atomizer shorts and overheating. The strong stainless steel and zinc body of the device has a large number of ventilation holes, both on the side and bottom.

USB upgrade ability ensures that the Koopor Plus will stay up to date in a quickly changing market, and a variety of available colors and silicone sleeves will turn heads.

The Koopor Plus is a strong, value-oriented device which offers a feature set seen normally well above its price. It will satisfy the vaping needs of any user, and does so in an aesthetically pleasing package.

$59.95 $69.95

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