Efest IMR 18490 1100mah flat top

Efest Power

Genuine Efest 18490 1100mAh Flat Top Battery

- (1ct) Efest 18490 1100mAh Flat Top Battery

- Made in China
- Manufactured by Efest
- 18490 series
- IMR (LiMn2O4)
- Unprotected, high drain battery
- Length: 48.70mm
- Diameter: 18.26mm
- Typical battery capacity: 1100mAh
- Max. discharge current: 11amps
- Continuous discharge current: 8.8amps
- Nominal voltage: 3.7v
- Max. voltage: 4.2v
- Positive terminal: flat top
- Ideal for regulated devices

- Do not short-circuit and do not overcharge lithium ion cells
- Do not over-discharge, dent, crush, or burn the prismatic cells
- The lithium ion battery should be removed from the instrument when battery is depleted
- Do not try to solder directly to lithium ion batteries
- Do not disassemble lithium ion batteries


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