Combo Nanos/Poldiac - Polished - 18650 - Metal Madness

Metal Madness

Poldiac Classic Full Polished 18650
Battery Tube & Pants for 18500
Battery Tube & Pants for 18350
Poldiac to Nanos adapter
Nanos Button
Poldiac to Nanos top contact set

For those who want the best of two worlds and enjoy playing with different configurations,
we now offer the full combination set.
With this set you will be able to configure both the Poldiac and the Nanos in all 18xxx battery sizes.
The box it comes in can also be used as a stand for three mods and holds 5 drip tips and/or atomizers.


This device should only be used with rechargeable Lithium Ion IMR batteries with an amp limit of 20A or higher such as the Sony VTC4, LG Hg2, or Samsung 25r. Using other batteries can be potentially hazardous.


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