Nanos - Full Polished SS - Mixed - 18650 - Metal Madness

Metal Madness

Nanos Full Polished Stainless Steel Mixed

SS Polished Top Cap
SS Polished 18350 Tube
SS Polished Extension x2
SS Polished Nanos Button
The Nanos DOES accommodate sub ohm builds but please make sure not to leave your device unlocked with a sub ohm build. This has to do with the magnets in the switch, if the magnets get over 120 degrees Celsius (248 Fahrenheit) they will lose their magnetic properties.

The Nanos is our smallest mechanical battery mod to date (“Nanos” is Greek for Dwarf) that incorporates the revolutionary Nanos-Magnetic-Technology Bottom Button.

The contacts in the Top Cap are adjustable to both directions, so your atomizers will sit flush with the top cap and your batteries will not rattle!

The outer diameter of the device is 22.6mm

The Nanos comes default with Rhodium Plated Contacts and Peek Ketron Plastics installed.

The Nanos is an all mechanical mod, which means that users will have to occasionally clean the device’s contacts to ensure that it performs at maximum efficiency!
Top cap is for all genesis devices and other devices that are not bottom air fed.

18650 (Length: 83 mm)

18350 (Length: 53 mm)


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