Full Button - Nanos - Polished - Stainless Steel

Metal Madness

The Full Button for Nanos incorporates our revolutionary Nanos-Magnetic-Technology.
The magnets keep the button open until pressed with an additional magnetic force keeping the device locked or unlocked due to their positioning. The ‘feet’ on the button half are tapered to ensure the button can fire even if pressed off center, the negative pin is knurled and cut with a screwdriver slot to ease removal and insertion.
It locks with a tiny tiny turn (about 7 mm on the edge) with great ease. Rhodium plated negative contact for that tarnish free connection, it is also 4 times harder than either silver or gold and so will last longer.
A Delrin insulator ring protects batteries with damaged ‘wrappers’ from shorting on the base. (Such batteries should be replaced as soon as possible)
The positioning of the magnets inside the switch makes the locked/unlocked movement have a positive and secure feel, but is also light enough to make locking/unlocking easy with a tiny movement.
The button will fire even from the very edge if you use good brand batteries (AW batteries are recommended as always), has great power transfer and makes good use of every last mAh your battery can supply.

You can use this button with Nanos tubes as well as our Poldiac tubes.
To use the Full Button for Nanos with your existing Poldiac you will need the button itself, a Poldiac to Nanos Adapter and the Poldiac to Nanos top contact set.
You can find more information in both our Nanos and Poldiac Manuals.


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