Authentic Black Heimdall mod by Vape Jam and Authentic Akuma V1 mod by GP customs now available for preorder!

Hey Friends!
I have some exciting news.  Synergy Vapor Labs has been talking to the makers of some really nice original products.  We are happy to announce that we have been able to procure some 100% authentic Black Heimdalls by Vape Jam and Akuma mods GP Customs.
The Black Heimdall is the all black and brass version of the popular Heimdall mod from Vape Jam.  This mod has Australian brass caps, modular tubes for 18650, 18490, and 18350, reverse locking mechanism, silver plated pins, floating and telescoping pins, and boasts and extremely low voltage drop!  This is one fine piece of craftsmanship that looks amazing.
The Akuma V1 is the original design by GP customs.  This is the first run so the serial numbers are below 100.  It is made from red copper and Australian brass.  It comes with modular tubes for 18650, 18490, and 18350, copper coated silver pins, floating positive with floating adjustment pin, twist lock button locking, laser engraving, and it all comes in a handmade wooden box that is made from one of the mountain tribes in the Philippines.
These mods will be available for preorder immediately.  The first stock of them will be at the Scottsdale store but they can still be preordered in Tempe.  Please see either of the stores for pricing and more information!