Synergy Tutorial #2 - 510 drip atomizer priming


510 drip atomizer priming:

The key to getting the most life out of any coil system is proper priming.  Atomizers can be the most rewarding type of heating element.  If properly primed and cared for they can also be the longest lasting.  The following instructions are designed to give you the best results with your Synergy 510 atomizers.


Step 1:

             -          Remove the black plastic mouth piece and inspect the inside of the atomizer for any defects such as broken coils, missing                          wicks, or damaged mesh.

             -          Drop 4 - 5 drops of your favorite Synergy or Lush Liquid directly on the coil of the atomizer

 Step 2: 

             -          Hold a paper towel near the threaded end of the atomizer and blow through it until some juice residue is visible on the                               paper towel.

             -          Add 2 – 3 more drops of juice.

 Step 3:

             -          Reapply mouth piece and attach atomizer to your battery

             -          Hold your battery button and take 4 – 5 puffs like your are trying to get a cigar started

             -          Add 2 more drops and start vaping


Keep in mind that you have added approximately 10 drops to prime your 510 atomizer so there could be some leakage.   Once the atomizer is primed you should put no more than 3 drops in after the flavor and vapor wanes.

If you have any further questions on this process feel free to call us at the store.  We are more than happy to help.  :)