SVL Tutorial #1 Battery Care and Maintenance.

Battery Care and damage prevention:

There are several things you, the user, can do to get the most out of your eGo batteries.  Below are a list of typical problem situations and how to avoid them.


Over tightening of heating elements and charger:

Most electronic cigarettes have a soft rubber o-ring that separate the positive and negative contacts.  Over tightening of the heating elements and charger can cause damage to this o-ring, not just on the battery, but on your elements and charger as well.  (See pictures below)

When the element or charger is attached to the battery the two center pins make contact to complete an electrical connection.  These center pins DO NOT need to be pressed hard together; they just need to touch.  


Proper connection to the charger:

With the charger plugged in. thread the battery on until you feel a slight bit of friction.  This indicates that the two center pins, from the charger and the battery, have made contact.  Once the battery is connected there will be a slight delay before the lights come on.  This delay is approximately 1 second.  After the delay the button light will blink and the charger light will indicate red.  A red light on the charger means the battery is charging and a yellow/green light means the battery is fully charged or not fully connected. 

If the charging lights do not come one after a slight delay then tighten the battery a tiny bit more and wait for the delay again.  Do this incrementally until the battery starts charging.


 Proper Connection of heating elements:

While the different heating elements perform in different ways, their construction is generally the same.  Over tightening of heating elements can cause damage to them or the battery.

To properly connect your tank, atomizer, or cartomizer simply thread it onto the battery until you feel the friction of the two center pins make contact.  Then simply turn it half a turn more to snug it down.  There is no need to tighten it any more than that.

Tightening the heating element:

Does NOT improve vapor production,

Does NOT prevent leaks,

Does NOT increase the strength of your hit